Q1. How to join the "Policy Donation Program (PDP)"!

A:Existing policyholders of life insurance who wish to join the PDP are recommended to acknowledge his/her family members of their donation intention prior to any decision made. Next, donors are able to get the "Request for Change" Form by contacting their insurance agents or customer services of their insurance company. Then, fill out the form according to the following sample:

Name of Beneficiary


H.K.I.D. Number

Percentage (%)

Mr. Make-it-happen (family member)


X-123456 (7)


Love Coalition(Charity)

Donor-charitable beneficiary

Cert. of Incorp. 123456
(Registration & No.)

1% (% set as an example only)

Donors have to submit required information to their insurance company for PDP application, e.g., the full name of the charitable beneficiary(ies), mailing address and the Registration No. of the designated charitable institute(s), etc., and wait for the approval by insurance company. The success of application subjects to the approval of individual insurance company.

Q.2 How could the charitable beneficiary(ies) receive the documented donation from the "Policy Donation Program"?

A:The PDP application will be put in effect upon the approval of the concerning insurance company. Once the donor passed away, the insurance company will dedicate the assigned amount insured to both the donor's family member(s) and the designated charitable beneficiary(ies) accordingly, under which the law protects.

Successful PDP donor can notify both the designated charitable beneficiary(ies) and the LifeCare Movement his/her donation will as documentary record by filling out the Notification Form (please refer to the Notification Form in Download Area).

Q.3 How to select the Charitable Beneficiary(ies)

A:The participant of PDP can select his/her own charitable beneficiary(ies) [e.g., the institute(s) to which used to donate or of which has been a volunteer]. The donation will be serve-to-purpose if participant can have full understandings of the background, mission, service scope and the use of donation (Annual & Auditor's reports can be referred for better reference) of the charitable beneficiary(ies).

Should more information about charities be needed, please refer to:

Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)
Website: http://www.hkcss.org.hk/rdf/
Phone: 2864-2929

Social Welfare Department (SWD)
Website: www.swd.gov.hk/en/index/site_links/page_ngowebsite/
Phone: 2343-2255

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
Website: www.ird.gov.hk/chi/tax/ach.htm

Q.4 How to handle modifications or amendments of PDP?

A:In case the donor wishes to modify his/her original donation plan with prudence, such as cancel the policy donation or change the assigned charitable beneficiary(ies), he/she should apply formally to the concerning insurance company by filling out the 'Request for Change' Form again. Also, the donor should inform the corresponding charitable beneficiary(ies) about the change personally or through his/her insurance agent.

Q5. How about further questions or special inquiries?

A:Should there be any further inquiries about the Program, donors can consult his/her insurance agent or customer services of their insurance company. Donors are welcomed to contact the LifeCare Movement by e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling at 2570 2256.

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