September 11 attacks, Avian influenza, Sars…human beings of the 21 Century, indeed, have learnt a deep lesson about the truth of life through those calamities, and only when one acknowledges death comes as an unexpected visitor, he shall respect his days on earth and live a fulfilling life.

Once upon a time, a tourist visited the famous Jewish scholar of Poland named Jascha Heifetz, the visitor was amazed at the outlook of his house, which was a simple room packed with only books, a chair and a bench. The visitor asked, ‘Sir, where is your furniture?’ Jascha Heifetz replied, ‘So how about yours ?’ The visitor felt confused and questioned, ‘My furniture? I come here as a visitor!’ The scholar answered ‘So do I !’

The message must strike a cord in you!

“Are all creators strangers of the earth; Is time the visitor of all ages”, however how long we live, for 60 years or 80 years, we only pass by the earth ! The only thing that we could leave is not the treasures earned with all our efforts, but those we give, and the kindness we spread out to people around us!

LifeCare Movement Founding and 2016 Chairman
Mr. Matthew Wong


 Lily Wong

保險從業員既做生意,又令人開心、令自己開心。希望同業可以繼續努力參與 LCM,盡社會責任。

Ms.Lily Wong
President of The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong


Mr. Harry Wong
Chairman - LUA Foundation Ltd.




Insurance itself is a legacy of love. Let's extend our love for the beloved to the needy by supporting the Policy Donation Program.

Mr. George Lung
Representative of Hong Kong members of the
National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference


Life insurance demonstrates an increasing importance in Hong Kong. While we plan to give financial protection to our families, we can also extend our love and care to the society by donating a certain percentage of our sum insured to the needed. I am sure many more people will be benefited from our donation.

Mr. Frederick Ma


Practise charity brings significant benefits to the needed

Mr. Paul K.W. Tang (J.P.)


Policy Donation is a great way to share your love and fortune with the needy. Support this meaningful project with your action.

Mr. Moses M C Cheng, GBS, JP


"When there is Love, there is Life". Making a Policy Donation is a very special way of helping and a lasting gift to the people we are trying to help.

Dr. C.H. Leong


Donating part of the sum insured to charities is a very simple concept. I have already joined the Policy Donation Program to support some medicine and education organizations. I wish all of you can also support the Program to lead a flourishing life for both yourself and the needed.

Dr. W.M. Ko
Trustee of “Conquer Cancer with Love” International Foundation


I wish to call on your support to both the Organ Donation and the Policy Donation Program through LifeCare Movement. Your help can light up life of others.

Dr. C.P. Ho
C hairman – The Hong Kong Medical Association
Organ Donation Register Fund Limited


Do Do says:

Accident is unpredictable! No one can sure what is going to happen next. Treasure our precious life by giving. Give your support to people who need helps. Join LifeCare Movement and pass on your love.

Ms. Do Do Cheng
LifeCare Movement Ambassador


My wife and I will give full support to the LifeCare Movement. We wish you all can also support this meaningful program and make Hong Kong the most caring city in the world.

Mr. and Mrs Yam
Star of LifeCare Movement



Mr. Alain Yip
Renowned Photographer













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