Associate Chartered Financial Practitioner


To cope with the rapid changes and increasing demands for financial planning services, the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong is pleased to introduce the “Associate of Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)” designation. This new designation responds to this evolutionary market changes and aims to meet the needs of the financial services practitioners as a first step into the financial planning services professionals. Students who have completed a three-day intensive course (6 sessions) of the Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Applications” and passed with a case study examination will be attained to “Associate of Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)” designation. To move up the career ladder and pursue a financial planning career, “Associate of Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)” may take the path to complete the rest 5 modules of FChFP course and attain to “Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP),” - the ultimate professional designation for insurance and financial practitioner.


“Associate of Chartered Financial Practitioner” course responds to the evolutionary market changes and aims to meet the needs of the financial services practitioners as a first step into the financial planning services professionals.

Study Path

Financial Advisors with at least half year Financial Planning experience:

AChFP path1




-              Is a practitioner who is well versed in the fundamentals of financial planning

-              Is a knowledgeable and well-informed practitioner who provides each client with a customized professional financial planning service

-              Adheres to a rigorous and quality continuing education programme to keep abreast of the latest developments in the financial planning arena

-              Abides by a stringent Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct to ensure that the client is accorded a high standard of professional advice and service



Fundamental Financial Planning and Applications


To provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept in financial planning and assist students to attain the practical skills and knowledge to provide a high quality financial plan for clients; to match up with the lesson theory, a case study examination is designed for assessment; through practical and intensive training, practitioners will be able to grasp the fundamental knowledge of financial planning.




Financial planning and financial planning needs

The economic environment and its effects on financial planning

Financial planning process

Assessing risk tolerance

Communication skills in counseling clients

Time value of money: concepts and applications

The basic concepts on financial planning

How to construct a comprehensive financial plan

Good practice of financial planning

Professionalism and ethical issues in financial planning


Entry Requirement


Aged 18 or above with half years’ life insurance/financial planner working experience


Course Fee and Exam Fee : HK$3000


To attend the examination, student is required to have 100% attendance; Student can take a maximum of 2 re-exam. Student is required to re-take the course if they fail the examination at the second attempt.



Textbook Fee : HK$300




Students who have completed the course should be submitted the registration fee S$200, about HK$1300 (one-off payment) to LUAHK office. Graduates of the Associate Chartered Financial Practitioner are allowed to print the title of AChFP” on their name cards only with the confirmation of registration from APFinSA.


* Registration fee is determined by APFinSA and is subject to change without advance notice.


APFinSA is formed by the ten members of countries and regions. It includes Singapore, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Macau and Hong Kong.


Chartered Financial Practitioner was launched in Malaysia in 1996 and endorsed by APFinSA in 2000, the Chartered Financial Practitioner has subsequently been well-received in Singapore and Malaysia.


The meaning of “Chartered” is intended to denote the highest level of professional competency required of financial planners and advisors recognized by the APFinSA fraternity.


"Financial Practitioner" means the knowledge, skills, and operation of the financial planning consultants can be on par with other professionals of the financial sector




 AChFP Course Leaflet
 AChFP Enrollment Form



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