The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong


  • History

    Inaugurated in 1973, the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd. (LUAHK) is a voluntary organisation of professional insurance intermediaries destined for professional development of the insurance services for the community of Hong Kong. Today we have almost 13,000 members – one of the greatest organisation of insurance intermediaries in Hong Kong. LUAHK is also the founding members of Asia Pacific Financial Services Association ("APFinSA"), which includes 9 member regions: Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Macau and Hong Kong.


  • Mission

    The aim of the association is to enhance and uphold the professional and ethical standard of the life insurance practitioners through the enactment of code of conducts and ethics for its members, providing education programs and mobilizing members to participate in social services for promoting the development of the industry.


  • Development

    In the past 40 years, LUAHK organized various seminars, conventions, workshops and education programs, such as LUTCF Sales Training Program (LUTCF) and Associate Chartered Financial Practitioners / Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioners (AChFP / FChFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) & Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) etc. to uphold the professional standards of insurance practitioners in financial and business sectors. In 2015, a new program named Chartered Life Practitioner (ChLP) endorsed by Asia Pacific Financial Services Association ("APFinSA") was first launched.

    Besides, the launch of Distinguished Manager Award & Distinguished Agent Award (DMA & DAA) in 1993, Best Financial Planner Award in 2007, and Quality Advisor Award / Quality Manager Award / Quality Leader Award (QAA / QMA / QLA) in 2010 and 2015 respectively which recognize the outstanding performance of insurance elites are widely received and recognized by insurance companies and the public.

    For external affairs, LUAHK was invited to represent the life insurance intermediaries to participate in the Insurance Agents Registration Board (IARB) for administration of the insurance agents’ registration policy in 1993. In addition, the Industry Affairs Steering Committee was set up in 2010 focusing on communications with the government and related associations. Its main responsibilities are to fight for the best interest of insurance practitioners and to uplift the professional image of the industry.


  • Community Services

    In 1998, LUA Foundation, a government approved charitable foundation, was set up to manage and operate the charitable functions in an effective way. Over the past years, charitable activities organized by LUAHK and LUA Foundation were organized to motivate members to contribute to the society. Since the establishment of LUA Foundation, donations have been made to the needy and various charitable organizations. In 2002, a SARS Fund was set up to help members infected by SARS and a fund raising project for sufferers of Tsunami in Asia Countries in 2004 finally raised over HK$1,400,000 to UNICEF. Recently, we have donated HK$450,000 and HK$1,000,000 to The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care and Haven of Hope Holistic Care Centre respectively for services enhancement for the patients with terminal illness.

    “LifeCare Movement” was first launched in 2005 with an aim to promote “Life Education” and “Policy Donation Program” in order to embody the core value of life insurance and secure sustainable funding for charitable organizations. Through all-round media promotion and the support from LifeCare Ambassadors & Leaders, the sum insured for policy donations has accumulated to HK$200 million & the realized policy donations scored over HK$8 million.






  • 簡介

香港人壽保險從業員協會於一九七三年創立,乃本港唯一代表壽險從業員之組織,至今發展迅速規模漸大,為使會員能共同擁有代表歌曲,故特邀專業音樂人為本會編製曲譜、填詞及主唱。藉此增進會 員之歸屬感,令會務之推動更臻完善。




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