When carrying out their daily work, insurance practitioners will inevitably face situations in which either the clients themselves, or their relatives, seeking assistance due to severe or rare illness. When they suffer from such illness, it is common for them to feel helpless and need assistance from their financial consultants.


In view of this, in year 2021, the Community Service Department of The Life Underwriters’ Association of Hong Kong has set up an online information platform for social welfare organizations, with an aim to provide more information on various diseases, and to allow insurance practitioners to better equip themselves in handling these requests. The platform could also provide the general public with an additional channel to obtain information about the services provided by different social welfare organizations, and serves as a convenient channel for those in need, especially patients with rare illness, to find their suitable social welfare organizations and respective supporting services.


保協社福機構網上資訊平台 遺傳性心律基金會

保協社福機構網上資訊平台 毋忘愛

保協社福機構網上資訊平台 癌症資訊網慈善基金

保協社福機構網上資訊平台 香港聾人子女協會

保協社福機構網上資訊平台 路向四肢傷殘人士協會

保協社福機構網上資訊平台 仁濟永強全癱病人基金