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The financial tsunami has swept worldwide since 2008, and has seriously reduced public’s confidence on financial products. The recession, on one hand, has urged the Government for measurements to support the financial industry and on the other hand, to further impose regulations on selling of investment-linked products. Higher levels of transparency of investment-linked products and professionalism of the insurance advisors are thus demanded.


In recent years, there is an increasing number of financial products as well as those kinds of advertisements emerging in the market. The fact is that, when it comes to the evaluation of various insurance plans, the general public count on the insurance practitioners for information and advice, hoping to tailor suitable products to their unique circumstances. As such the professionalism of the insurance advisors definitely represents a guarantee of trust to the clients.


The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong, steadfast to propel the development of the industry and raise the standard of the insurance advisors, launched the Quality Advisor Award (QAA) in December 2009 to take lead in restoring public’s trust to the industry. Embracing the theme of “My Professional Signature”, the Award inevitably presents its dedication to the provision of excellent services, which is not only a kind of responsibility, but a sense of pride belonged to the insurance advisors, insurance companies and the whole industry.


What distinguishes the QAA with other awards in the industry is the Award demanding the insurance advisors on the professional ethics, other than the requirement for business accomplishment. The core value of the Award is that, the applicants must not violate any code of ethics in the previous 3 years prior the application. With the above criterion, it ensures the awardees conduct ethical practice. Therefore, the Award is anticipated as a benchmark of professionalism and extraordinary service.


To recognize those managers who committed themselves in encouraging his team to pursuit the QAA, the Association has launched the “Quality Manager Award” (QMA) & “Quality Leader Award” (QLA), as a gesture of appreciation for the managers’ contribution in promotion of the QAA.

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