APFinSA Award

The Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA) is the largest financial services council in the Asia-Pacific. Established in 1991, APFinSA represents the interests of financial services professionals from ten member countries and regions and serves as the preeminent cross-border Association to consider the critical issues and opportunities that face the financial advice profession in the region.

The APFinSA Awards showcase prestigious awards in the life insurance industry for top producers to be endorsed and recognised, not only in their respective countries but in the entire Asia Pacific region.

「亞太區壽險理財大獎」由亞太地區最大金融服務協會APFinSA所策劃,是一年一屆的獎項,表揚並鼓勵全球超過一百萬的保險從業人員勇於挑戰極限,獎項備受國際的認可。獎項分成保險菁英獎和領導獎兩大類,表揚優秀的業務夥伴也彰顯領導者培育人才的貢獻,去年香港共有超過400位得獎者獲得殊榮!前三屆共在亞太區表揚了超過6,000 名得獎者。
**保協會協助 申請者核實所申請獎項之FYP。
3.)得獎者將獲邀請出席於新加坡及香港舉辦之APFinSA Awards頒獎典禮